People on my way to class

Un libro de Carmelo Establier

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  • Lotta Delén 29 sep, 13:27 h

  • vella_91 27 sep, 17:16 h
    can't wait to see it :)

  • Maritxu Arlegui 27 sep, 17:15 h
    Una pequeña ayudita!

  • ollie.hoskins.10 27 sep, 04:25 h
    Good luck man, can't wait to see the finished product :P

  • Esteban Pérez 27 sep, 01:37 h
    ¡Ánimo, Carmelo! ¡Ya casi estás! ¡Un abrazo!

  • lewis gardner 27 sep, 01:06 h
    Looking forward to this!! Good luck mate!

  • Montse Sabajanes 26 sep, 09:20 h
    Ánimo artista!

  • Robert Ottocan 26 sep, 06:22 h
    Great initiative!

  • rosariolibre2002 25 sep, 23:48 h
    Mi granito de arena. Buena suerte !

  • fernando_paredes 24 sep, 12:30 h

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Objetivo: 50
Un proyecto de Carmelo Establier con el apoyo de 40 mecenas

Este libro consiguió los apoyos necesarios el 30 de septiembre de 2013


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Estas son las recompensas que ofrecimos durante la campaña:


36 mecenas

Cheap as chips

You'll get a copy of my book in digital format! :D

[ePub, mobi & PDF]


7 mecenas

The beggining of something
You get a copy of the book in paperback!

[Free delivery to EU]


4 mecenas

Two for one
You get a copy both in digital and paperback!

[Free delivery to EU]


1 mecenas

Snapper deal
So... you say that you like photography? Support this reward and get a Gakken Style TLR 35mm camera with an ebook and paperback copy!

[Free delivery to EU]


1 mecenas

Timelord edition
You get a digital copy, a paperback copy, a calendar and numbered limited edition 20x27cm picture!

[Free delivery to EU]


1 mecenas

Ye olde professional snapper
Get this reward and get a Olympus 35 camera that I will personally purchase for you, and, of course, a copy in paperback and digital!

[Free delivery to EU]


Size matters
You get my book, both in digital and paperback and a massive 65x80 numbered copy of my work!

[Free delivery to EU]


Ye olde snapper
Get this reward and get a unique vintage Kodak Box Camera that I will personally purchase for you. You sure will get my book as well, in digital and paperback.

[Free delivery to EU]


Mucho hipster
I've heard that developing chemistry runs in your veins, son. A magnificent Lubitel 2 camera will help you relief all that inner pressure. My books, of course, are included.

[Free delivery to EU]


I love you and your work
This reward includes a special edition of my book. Bigger, better, and prettier. I will throw into the deal a unique and massive print (100x75cm-ish) of "People on my way to class" that it is not featured in the book!

[Free delivery to EU]