People on my way to class

People on my way to class

Este libro ha sido publicado tras completar una campaña de crowdfunding.

Mecenas, colaboradores y toda una comunidad de incondicionales dieron su apoyo a este proyecto para que ahora puedas tenerlo en tus manos.

About the book

People on my way to class is a photography project that took place in February 2013. During one month, everyday, on my way to class and return I took pictures of the faces that I came across. This gave me the opportunity to collect more than 200 pictures of moments of the early morning society of Aberdeen, Scotland. After some thinking, I chose 46 pictures that represent all the best moments of that early morning society. 

People on my way to class is all in black and white. Aberdeen’s granite stones tones come to life in this pictures, focusing in shape and action by leaving colour aside.

About the author

My name is Carmelo Establier. I’m a photographer based in Aberdeen, Scotland, president of the Photography Society of the University of Aberdeen, and MA Language and Linguistics student. My passion for photography started at a very young age when I played with my father’s SLR. Time only kindled my passion for this art that is capturing light and reflections.

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